Nation Red

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
  • + Co-Op Modes
Nation Red Update Adds 4 Player Co-Op, Additional Achievements
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Nation Red Update Adds 4 Player Co-Op, Additional Achievements

Indie PC twin stick shooter, Nation Red, has just received an update via Steam.  The update adds an additional two players in co-op, bringing the total available to 4, as well as a host of other tweaks and balances.  Along with it comes improved multiplayer support for Steam lobbies, friends list, and server browsing - making it that much easier to find co-op games.  Of course...people need to actually be playing the game, something we had a hard time finding during our tests of the update.

If you haven't played Nation Red, the game is a traditional twin stick shooter where players fend off hordes of zombies.  Players choose a character and unlock abilities and weapons during each mission by earning XP.  The new patch actually adds a global ranking system for players to unlock additional achievements and perks for their character.  

All these updates are welcome additions to a game that when it launched, originally didn't support co-op gameplay.  Remember, if you're having difficulty finding players online to play with, you can always use our built in match making system to find other co-op gamers that own it.   Just add the game to your list, and click the "Meet Others" link in the widget in your profile.

Here's the full patch notes:

  • Added 4-player multiplayer, with full featured Steam lobbies, gamebrowsing, friends invites and chat.
  • Support for 4 player classes: Apart from class attributes, classes have their preferred weapons and perk specials.
  • Added the MGL 6-shot 40mm grenade launcher weapon. Tweaked the m107 sniper rifle.
  • Shared XP is now selectable in 2-4 player games. Selecting this will pool all your Xp and you will level up together. The game leader can pause the game to allow everyone to select a perk. This allows for more strategic games since players won't need to quickly choose a perk while cloaked. Regular cloaked games are also available.
  • In non-shared XP games, cloak will disappear as soon as a perk is chosen.
  • Now uses the new driverless PhysX version. All necessary .dlls are included in the game distribution.
  • Added 'static gui' option. Set this to On to have a low movement video background instead of the default video.
  • Menu options improved. You no longer need to click on or near the actual text. You can navigate menus much faster.
  • Increased perk choices from 5 to 7 numbered slots which can be selected by keys 1-7 so the mouse aim doesn't need to leave the game area.
  • Added player level system which allows players to rank through eight levels:
  • 1 private: 5 achievements / 5000 zombies killed
  • 2 private first class: 10 achievements / 10000 zombies killed
  • 3 specialist: 15 achievements / 50000 zombies killed / get to perk level 10
  • 4 sergeant: 20 achievements / 100000 zombies killed / beat all missions once
  • 5 staff sergeant: 25 achievements / 250000 zombies killed / get to perk level 15
  • 6 sergeant first class: 30 achievements / 500000 zombies killed / get to perk level 20
  • 7 first sergeant: 40 achievements / 750000 zombies killed / get to perk level 25
  • 8 sergeant major: 50 achievements / 1 mil zombies killed / get to perk level 30
  • Increased the size and tweaked the design of the Barricade map in coop.
  • Added adjustable permanent Bullet Time option in Practice Mode
  • Changed scoring so new high scores can be set. (Free Play and (Local) Coop Leaderboards will require a reset)
  • Added new sound effects.
  • Added new achievements:
  • Flasher: Kill 100 zombies stunned by a flash bang in one game.
  • Pyro: Set 250 zombies on fire with incendiary rounds in one game.
  • One Shot: Kill 250 zombies in one game using the Rage powerup
  • Merc: Complete all missions on Silver star level
  • Top Dog: Complete all missions on Gold star level
  • Various tweaks in boss behavior. The AK 47 boss zombie now rotates slower meaning it will be easier to anticipate his movement and avoid getting hit by his weapon fire.
  • Using your last grenade won't make your player character kick as well.
  • Fixed a bug where destroying barricades could cause a crash on some machines.
  • Several more updates and fixes.