Co-Optimus - Video - Section 8: Prejudice Drops on 4/20

Section 8: Prejudice

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Section 8: Prejudice Drops on 4/20
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Section 8: Prejudice Drops on 4/20

Section 8: Prejudice has adopted an ambitious pricing and distribution strategy.  The preceding title, Section 8, was a full priced retail game that received postitive reviews and little player support.  Producer/developer TimeGate Studios decided to make the sequel more competitive by releasing it as a downloadable title and pricing it at $14.99, or 1200 Microsoft Points.  The studio claims Section 8: Prejudice will be a fully-featured game.

We'll see just how fully-featured of a game it is on April 20th.  Section 8: Prejudice drops on the Xbox LIVE Arcade on 4/20.  Hell yeah, 4/20!  It's L. Ron Hubbard Exhibition Day!  Soldiers will be falling from the sky like Thetans!  The game then descends upon the PC on May 4th, and it plummets onto PlayStation Network later this summer.

That's not all!  TimeGate Studios has announced loyalty rewards for players who partook of the original Section 8.  These rewards will be dished out according to the level players attain by April 20th.  According to the Section 8: Prejudice website:

Anyone who played the original Section 8 will instantly unlock Aegis Armor and the Reactive Plating upgrade, while those who reached Level 25 will additionally unlock the Ablative Plating upgrade. The very dedicated players who attained Level 50 will also get the Explosives Amplifier upgrade.  Provided players have not changed their Microsoft Gamertag or PlayStation®Network ID, the upgrades will be unlocked automatically.

Along with a 4 player co-op mode, Section 8: Prejudice will have the following features:

Mobilize by Drop Spawning from 15,000 feet, use Jet Packs to evade enemies, and ram opponents in Overdrive

Campaign mode: 5-hour story-driven single-player campaign

Conquest mode: Large-scale multiplayer for up 32 players

Swarm mode: Four player co-op mode where shooter gameplay meets tower defense

Offline bot support for all game modes

Highly customizable weapon and equipment loadouts; deep level progression and unlockable content systems

Dynamic Combat Missions: ensure no two multiplayer games ever play the same

Dedicated Servers for all platforms, robust Stats Portal and Clan Management tools

For more information, you can check out our hands on preview.  We also have a few videos to get your blood pumping.