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Outland Gets a Release Date and Co-Op Trailer
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Outland Gets a Release Date and Co-Op Trailer

Housemarque's next co-op title after Dead Nation is called Outland.  The two player co-op action platformer sports a unique art style set in a mythical world.  The game puts players in control of of a man who is trying to bridge the world between its ancient past and possible destruction.

Outland's release date has been announced, with the PlayStation Network getting the title on April 26th while Xbox Live Arcade users will slash their way to victory on April 27th.  Along with this news came a brand new co-op trailer, showcasing the game's two player online co-op mode.  Sadly there is no local split screen play because, as the developer says, players need to see the full screen to be able to platform properly and make the game's critical jumps.

There are two co-op modes available though - story and challenge.  And while details of the challenge mode are scarce, its good to see some extra meat on a downloadable title. Outland will cost $10 or 800