Dungeon Hunter: Alliance

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  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
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Dungeon Hunter Alliance Launches with Online Co-Op Bug
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Dungeon Hunter Alliance Launches with Online Co-Op Bug

Did you get Dungeon Hunter Alliance?  Yeah, we know it's awesome.  Have you played online yet?  Yep, we know it's not working.  Two Co-Optimus editors got together last night for some dungeon crawling action, but were distraught to find that existing characters couldn't join up online. There's a bug hindering online co-op. Established characters could join public games, but it appeared that they could not join a game they were invited to.  For example: I couldn't bring my level 5 Rogue into Nick's game, and he couldn't bring his level 6 Warrior into mine.  The screen would simply flash a message saying we couldn't join the game or the host game didn't exist anymore.  (We could bring a newly created character into the game, but that's just stupid.)  

The Gameloft forums are flooded with people having the same problems.  Turns out, there is a solution. Here's the official response:

Hi there! I just want to sum up that our developers are already working to fix the bug. For now you can try to solve the problem by tapping repeatedly on X after you choose your character. Please wait for an update and sorry for the inconveniences.

You read that right.  There's an entry window before that error message flashes.  You just need to pound the 'X' button like it stole your dog.  Consider it a mini-game.  I guess that's better than blowing into the disc drive or hitting the top of the system.  

We've enjoyed Dungeon Hunter Alliance.  It's out now on the PSN, and should support one to four players locally and online, or any combination of local and online players.  We'll have a full review for you soon! Hopefully the online issues will be resolved by then.

Source: Forum.gameloft.com