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CCV Blogs - April Week 3
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CCV Blogs - April Week 3

It's time once again for a Co-Optimus Community Voice update on this, the third weekend in April. It's been a slow month for blog topics, but the medium is picking up. If you don't write for CCV, don't worry - I'll only cry a little bit. I am loving all of the "other" attention going on there, and some great writers as well! This weeks CCV is addressing the Kane and Lynch series of co-op and profane fame.

MrMcJerk says he likes it fast and dirty.

The game was designed to make you feel uneasy. Around every turn there may be a police dog, a Chinese SWAT team member, or a tweaking gnagster waiting for you. Get out of Shanghai is what you need to do, there's no time to stretch out anything elaborate. Even the multiplayer (which extends the lifespan of the game in your disk drive exponentially) is swift. Rounds are no more then 6 minutes - it ends and you die. Brevity is the soul of KL2. Get in, get the cash, and get out.

It's important to get the right amount of oomph for your buck, and quick, tense sessions of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days does the trick for some. MrMcJerk also goes on to say artificial length in games is obvious and uneasy for a lot of us. My blog (should it ever be completed) will address the B.S. missions of Red Dead Redemption that are used as artificial filler in an otherwise decent length game. Too bad all of my own time is devoted to playing those missions to get through the game, rather than writing. (That was me being facetious, by the way).

Wish to participate in the monthly blog topic? It's simple, head over to the Blogs section and write a blog! Okay, there is a bit more to it than that. Take a look at our monthly blog topic for April, which is "tl;dr" this month - basically states that we're looking for games that are either too long, or too short to truly enjoy.

Every month we'll have a new blog topic, so keep an eye out if this month's doesn't appeal to you. If your blog is well written and follows the general rules of English writing (Grammar, spelling, etc) we'll boost you to the front page with your icon like MrMcJerk seen above on the weekends. I apologize for being a jerk and missing so many weekends, or my Friday promises, but college Finals don't like fun.