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CCV Blog Update May: Week 1
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CCV Blog Update May: Week 1

This months blog topic takes gamers to the outdoors; or simply outside. I've personally been dragging my DS outside with me, but this weeks blog takes outdoor gaming to the next level in an intriguing idea that I am definitely going to try out with some of my friends this summer. This month: Co-Optimus Community Voice: Gaming Inside and Out.

BigBadBob113 makes gaming an extreme treasure hunt with Geocaching.

Not only is geocaching like an interactive outdoor video game, but it even has the ultimate co-op mode! I go out caching with the miss', my sister, and/or friends and let me tell you...multiple sets of eyes are better than one! First off, there can be an unlimited number of "players"; and everyone who is participating doesn't even need a controller (GPS). It's a blast to go walking through the woods or the city with friends and you are all talking and having a great time while keeping your eyes on the GPS to guide you. Once you hit the general area, everyone can fan out with the same common goal: to find the hidden cache. Everyone thinks differently, and there's been plenty of times when I have been stumped on finding the cache and then a friend will suddenly spot it. Plus everyone thinks differently, so some people will think to look in areas that others wouldn't.

Check the blog post linked above for the info on Geocaching. There is also a website that has additional details at Geocaching.com. If you want to participate in this great blog topic with your own idea of balancing gaming with the changing weather outdoors, check out the blog topic, and write a blog. It's fairly simple as long as you title the blog "CCV: Gaming Inside and Out," stay on topic throughout the entire blog, while following the general rules of writing in the English language.