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Ms. Splosion Man

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Ms. Splosion Man Will Have Free DLC
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Ms. Splosion Man Will Have Free DLC

Ms. Splosion Man has been out for less than a week, but that's not stopping developer Twisted Pixel from coming up with additional content.  According to, the Xbox 360's Title Managed Storage (TMS) feature allows developers to make small changes using the Xbox Live servers.  

The Ms. Splosion Man team will use this feature to create weekly challenges with their own specific leaderboards.  They'll even be giving out the occasional prize to leaderboard all-stars:

From time to time, we will be awarding real prizes and other fun stuff to the top finishers, and sometimes random players, from the Challenge's leaderboards,  

We are finding it harder and harder to 'one up' ourselves with new ways of giving away free stuff to people who buy our games, but TMS has opened an exciting new door for us.

                                                      -Jay Stuckwisch, Twisted Pixel Marketing Director

We don't know when these updates will go into effect, but we will keep you posted.   Ms. Splosion Man is out now for the Xbox Live Arcade.  It supports four players local and/or online co-op.  We gave the game a stellar 5/5 in our Co-Op Review.