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Splash Damage: Brink Criticism "Absolutely Valid"
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Splash Damage: Brink Criticism "Absolutely Valid"

Developer Doesn't Pussyfoot About What the Player Experience Lacks

This weekend's real-world headlines have been pounding the buzzword "compromise" into the skulls of hapless newswatchers. But what does it really mean to compromise? For Splash Damage, it means finding the right balance of story experience and gameplay experience in what many have deemed an overly ambitious blend - the quasi-campaign we call Brink.

"There's a fundamental disparity between storytelling and interactivity. The whole point of a story is that you're told things in a certain order and at a certain pace, and if you surrender all that it's hard, its really really hard.

"It's an absolutely valid criticism of Brink that the player experience isn't actually about the back story, that what you end up doing 99% of the time is this frantic multi-player chaos and stuff."

That's senior game designer Ed Stern earlier this month, facing facts. I'm personally not a big critic of the game, but I'm of the same mindset as Stern - and if there were currently a better way to do it, everyone would do it. Brink is just a small step in the (r)evolution.

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