Radiant Silvergun

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Radiant Silvergun XBLA Finally Gets a Release Date
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Radiant Silvergun XBLA Finally Gets a Release Date

You know how you always hear us talking about how crowded the fall gaming season is?  Well, it's about to get even more crowded, though this time, we can hardly complain.  The much heralded and long-rumored Xbox Live Arcade release of Radiant Silvergun is right around the corner.  You can play one of the greatest shoot em ups ever released on September 14; that's a mere two weeks away!

Radiant Silvergun will include two player co-op, both local and online.  It's also got enhancements like different gameplay modes, graphic upgrades, and the like.  Should be quite a deal for $15, especially considering the Saturn version can easily cost ten or more times that.  Now if only we could squeeze an extra week of just playing games in between this release and before Gears 3...

Source: Joystiq.com