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Hungry for Fable 2? These Appetizers Might Tide You Over
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Hungry for Fable 2? These Appetizers Might Tide You Over

So, as you may have heard, there's this fantasy game coming out next week.  To say that Fable 2 is highly anticipated is a bit of an understatement.  Just like an appetizer before the main course, here are a few little news bits to keep your hunger for Fable 2 in check for another 6 days.

To activate your taste buds , how about this?  The Official Xbox Magazine gives Fable 2 a 9.5, as confirmed by this post at NeoGAF.  The magazine hasn't hit stands yet, so details about the review are scarce, save for this one tidbit: "I abso-f'ing-lutely loved the game."  Abso-"Fable"ing-lutely?  Abso-Falsely-lutely?  Abso-fruiting-lutely?  I'm not quite sure what he means...

Next on the hor d'oeuvre platter is a sweet video of one TV trailer for the game.  Most interesting is the fact that the trailer features one of those origami fortune tellers you probably haven't thought about since you were a kid.  Kudos for that, and who knows, maybe the next big game will feature a paper football in its advertising. 

Last of all, how about a palette-cleansing interview with Peter Molyneux about his next game?   Mr. Molyneux has always been a big thinker, perhaps too big, and thus we aren't surprised by the sheer awesomeness and world changing qualities of the as yet unnamed game.  Check out these choice quotes:

"huge anticipation... unbelievably ambitious...nothing else remotely like it ever before...  really, politically contentious... shock and awe..."

Sounds like Fable or Black and White all over again, eh?  But, give the guy credit, he's got a good resume.  All indications are that Fable 2 might actually live up to the hype.  Now we just have to wait a bit longer, and we'll know ourselves.