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CCV Blog Update November
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CCV Blog Update November

Do you shell out the extra coin for collector’s editions? That’s what we want to know, and you can tell us in your blog. Co-Optimus Community Voice: Collectors Editions has spurred some interesting blog posts and conversations.

 BigBadBob113’s miss’ doesn’t appreciate the clutter

I would love to have statues and bookends and art books scattered about my house. Of course, problems occur when you live with a spouse who would prefer to have an ocean breeze-scented candle on a shelf as opposed to a bust of Batman. The main reason I don't go for Collectors Editions is simply because the miss' wouldn't allow such "clutter" around the house.

Sounds familiar Bob, although mine prefers apple cinnamon.

 Pofigster thinks the cost outweighs the benefits

Why would I pay up to $70 for what amounts to action-less action figures that are less detailed and more fragile than the regular action figures?

Collector’s editions are definitely pricey, but don’t forget we’re giving one away! Fire up your blog, write a post that’s on-topic, and you could win a Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360. Since there haven’t been many entries yet, you have a pretty good chance of winning. Good luck!