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CCV Blog Wrap-up for November
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CCV Blog Wrap-up for November

We've had a busy November with new releases, but a fair number of you managed to sneak in a blog for this month's CCV topic: Collectors Editions. Maybe the swanky Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collectors Edition had something to do with it. Regardless, let's take a look at a couple recent entries.

 Broulder remembers the rush he felt while hunting down a certain green helmet.

I ran from shop to shop trying to find the Edition, I spoke to every shopkeeper, every staff member in every shop around and when finally I asked at one shop and had the reply that they did in fact have the Edition, they had one left. I couldn't hand the money I'd saved for months to buy it and within five minutes I walked out with the box filled with glee.

I prefer to have Amazon bring my games to me (ok, I'm lazy), but I definitely enjoy the unboxing phase. Even opening a non-CE game makes me tingle a little inside.

 Zonf nomally doesn't splurge on CE's, but finds himself in an interesting position.

At the moment I'm living in Kyoto, Japan for 6 months. My time is almost up, and I will return to the UK in early January next year. Unfortunately, being away for the last 5 months has meant I've missed a number of big game co-op releases, with my biggest dissapointment being Gears of War 3 (and Saints Row 3 a close second). One of the few benefits of having this backlog forced upon me, is that many of the games will drop considerably in price for christmas.

Zonf has made me regret buying the vanilla version of Gears of War 3. The Limited and Epic editions are truly... epic.

November is nearly over but we certainly won't keep you from voicing your opinions on collector's editions in your blog. If you hurry, you might still make it into the drawing. December's topic is coming up soon so keep those fingers fresh and ready for more blogging.