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Download the New Xbox Experience Before Anyone Else!
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Download the New Xbox Experience Before Anyone Else!

Have you heard about the New Xbox Experience?  The NXE?  No?  On November 19th of this year the Xbox 360 Dashboard is getting a major upgrade that includes a ton of great features and a completely redesigned look.  There's even some stuff in there that should make our co-op lives easier.

But November 19th is SOOO far away.  Don't want to wait?  Lucky for us Major Nelson is offering everyone a chance to preview the NXE early.  How?   You simply have to fill out a survey.  Let's be clear - filling out the survey DOES NOT guarantee entry into the preview program, but it IS the only way to get in. 

The only thing you'll need to know is your console ID - this is different than your serial number.  You can find this information under the system blade. 

Boy, that Major Nelson sure is one kind fellow, like, seriously he's so awesome (pick me!). 

Source: Majornelson.com