Warrior's Lair

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
Ruin No Longer Ruined, Becomes Warrior's Lair
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Ruin No Longer Ruined, Becomes Warrior's Lair

Warriors need places to chill too.

Remember Ruin, the Playstation 3 and Vita action-RPG that will support cross-platform play? It turns out 'Ruin' was only a working title. Sony has now settled on the mildly more descriptive monicker Warrior's Lair.

Here's what Sony has to say about Warrior's Lair at the Playstation blog:

  • Engage Everywhere. Stay connected via the PlayStation®Vita, Web and PS3; quest, challenge rivals and craft everywhere you go.
  • Multiplatform Gaming. Save, resume and play across both platforms. Enhance your experience on the PS3 with 3D and the PlayStation Move.
  • Friends As Rivals. Work with and against each other as you search for rare treasures, trophies and rewards.
  • Personalized Lairs. The manifestation of your accomplishments, show it off and challenge others to take you on.
  • Broadcast Your Supremacy. Show off rare equipment and victories across various social outlets.

Naturally, the ability to buy the game on both platforms and transfer progress between them via cloud saving is the standout feature. We're also excited to see a game with co-op and other social features coming to the Vita.

Warrior's Lair doesn't have a release date yet, but Co-Optimus will be sure to let you know when we find out more.

Source: Vita.ign.com