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CCV Blog Wrap-up for January 2012
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CCV Blog Wrap-up for January 2012

What's your 2012 gaming resolution?

Making a New Year's resolution and telling everyone about it is a good way to make sure you improve yourself year over year. That's why we asked you to make a Gaming Resolution for 2012. A few of you took that to heart and came up with some admirable resolutions. Everyone took a step back, looked at their gaming habits, and picked an area where they can really make improvements. I applaud all of you who made the effort to not only think of a resolution, but also made it public for everyone to see. Let's take a look what you had to say.

 justabaldguy resolved to game with others who are outside his usual circle.

I've got a healthy friends list, perhaps 50 or so folks on there. Why then do I insist on only gaming with the same 3 or 4 dudes? I want to change this in 2012.

I actually managed to catch a game with him this weekend, so he's off to a good start!

 BigBadBob113 spent too much time gaming in 2011, so he's cutting back.

2011 was a great gaming year for me. Not only were a lot of great titles released, but I also had plenty of time to play them. Actually I'll go a step further...I had too much time to play them. There is no way I should be playing through an entire game in less than 24 hours, but I've done it several times. It shouldn't have been possible for me to log in over 80 hours on Skyrim within the first two weeks of release, but I did. Looking back, I get kind of disgusted with myself over it. There's so much more I could have accomplished, but those dang games kept sucking me in.

No more!!!

Many people with fun hobbies (not just gaming) have found themselves in similar situations, and cutting back is sometimes necessary. Good luck!

 Zonf86 spent half of 2011 in Japan, so he's doing the opposite of BigBadBob113.

I've built up a huge backlog of co-op and XBLA games to play, which will continue to grow as I've yet to get through any of them! Most are still wrapped up - this means I've got a lot of catching up to do. Unfortunately, life is getting in the way of my gaming - I've got a lot of reports and papers to write at work, I'm moving house in a weeks time and I'm going to start a new job the week after! So my resolution this year is to play catch up - mainly so I can talk to people about games without the fear of a spoiler coming through - it's been touch and go with some games so far (through my own fault!).

Hit me up for some Gears 3!

I also made a resolution this year, and it may affect you, so you might want to check that outNext month's topic will be on the lighter side, so I hope more of you take the plunge and write in your blog. Thanks for participating and/or reading this month!