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Be Mine Bundle Is Available For Real This Time
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Be Mine Bundle Is Available For Real This Time

Pay What You Want For My Heart

The Be Mine Bundle is a Valentine's Day themed 'pay what you want' bundle of indie games. There seems to be an indie bundle popping up every couple weeks since the Humble Indie Bundle pioneered this business model. I can't complain since I am a huge supporter of indie games, and this is a great way for smaller games to get exposure in the overwhelmingly large gaming industry.  

The Be Mine Bundle's theme pretty much stops at the name, but the 5 games that are included are worthy of your love. Here is what comes in the romantic bundle:

  • Wasteland Angel - a post apocalyptic car combat game that is a throwback to arcade shooters. Hop in your car with dual machine guns and blow away enemies to protect survivors from being enslaved. 
  • Sideways New York - a two dimensional platformer that forcuses on the underground graffiti culture. Play as Nox as you adventure through an urban realm where anything can be your canvas. Check out our review here
  • Xotic - arcade style first peson shooter that has you armed with a weaponized symbiotic creature called the Macroterra. Fast paced action has you focusing on chain reactions, power ups, and point multipliers.
  • BEEP - take control of a precision robotic vehicle and explore a diverse system of planets. Uncover their terrible fate in this ultimate marriage of platforming, shooting, and physics-based gameplay.
  • The Ball - a first person puzzle game that uses the Unreal Engine in a six hour adventure filled with crushing monsters and tons of gore. Using the power of an ancient weapon to attrract the Ball, you need to master the control of this lost artifact.   

The Bundle was supposed to be released on February 14th, however they ran into some server trouble and everything should be available today. Each game comes with a STEAM key and 3 come with a direct download if that is your style. Get out there and contribute what you think is fair, and don't skimp out because this is the best way to get money to the developers without delivering it straight to their door. 

You can find out more information on the Be Mine Bundle from the official website.