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Dungeon Defenders and Beat Hazard Ultra on the cheap

New Humble Bundle Features Two Co-Op Titles

Another day, another bundle! This time around it's the good old Humble Indie Bundle on the return, sporting half a dozen DRM-free games with a pay what you want price tag. The bundle includes Dungeon Defenders and Beat Hazard Ultra, both of which feature co-op in one form or another. You can also nab Super Hexagon, and even though it's technically a solo game, there's an unofficial co-op feature where your friends try to keep you from breaking valuable objects after you lose for the 19th time in as many seconds.

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Insert joke about potatoes here

Indie Royale Mash Bundle Includes Co-Op Games Guns of Icarus, Kung Fu Strike

A new pay what you want indie bundle has hit the streets, and this one is packing not one but two co-op games. The Indie Royale Mash Bundle features five titles in all, including Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise and Guns of Icarus Online, the former a brawler offering two player local co-op and the latter a steampunk airship combat game with four player online co-op.

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IndieFort Bundle Offers Chances for Cooperative Gaming with Wanderlust

One of the more popular ways indie devs are getting their games out there in front of an ever growing audience of gamers is to team up with a few other developers (some might say they are cooperating) to offer their game as part of some form of bundle deal. is offering their own indie game bundle, the IndieFort, starting today and going until next Friday, and in their bundle there's at least one cooperative game that caught our eye: Wanderlust: Rebirth.

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Pay What You Want For My Heart

Be Mine Bundle Is Available For Real This Time

The Be Mine Bundle is a Valentine's Day themed 'pay what you want' bundle of indie games. There seems to be an indie bundle popping up every couple weeks since the Humble Indie Bundle pioneered this business model. I can't complain since I am a huge supporter of indie games, and this is a great way for smaller games to get exposure in the overwhelmingly large gaming industry.  

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