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CCV Blog Wrap-up for March 2012
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CCV Blog Wrap-up for March 2012

Say "NO" to next-gen.

This month in Co-Optimus Communtiy Voice, we asked if you're ready for the next-gen consoles that are rumored to be right around the corner. The Co-Optimus Community hath spoken. We don't want new consoles. While Sony and Microsoft have made it clear that we won't see them this year, the rumors keep flowing, and we know they are hard at work developing the next iteration of our favorite consoles. They are coming, it is inevitable. Resistance is futile. Well, ok, maybe the situation isn't quite as dire as an approaching Borg cube. We can always hold off on buying that new, shiny, co-op joy-in-a-box, right? Some of us can. Let's hear from a CCV veteran.

 BigBadBob113 refuses to be assimilated.

When it comes to technology I stay pretty oblivious to stuff that's only on the horizon and only pay attention to what's currently available. So for all I know maybe there are plans for systems with double the graphics capabilities of what we currently have, or that can microwave that breakfast burrito for you while you load up your most current save of Uncharted 4. My point in all this jibberish is that I can care less, and even if the technology is there and warrants some upgrades, I don't want it. 

Bob is a better man than I. I'm a sucker for new toys, but the initial price may be prohibitive for me. We shall see.

That's it for March CCV! Stay tuned for April's topic. In the meantime, don't forget to check out what other bloggers have been up to. Our blogs are hoppin'!