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The Co-Op Gaming Bill of Rights
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The Co-Op Gaming Bill of Rights

In particular I was particularly stuck by the comment about defining what a gamer considers bedrock functionality for co-op gaming. This sort of thinking is very similar to some of the thinking we do with the industry around platform features, and it got my co-worker Krotus and I chatting about what features might be considered as being the basic "bar" for a co-op title. The industry has come a long way in just a few years, and we wanted to see what we might come up with that we'd like to see in future titles. A little bit of whiteboarding later we came up the list below... and would love your thoughts on it!

They came up with a pretty decent list of required features all co-op games should have.  And they came up with a list of a list of features they'd like to see but may be a bit harder to implement.   So while requirements would be LAN, Splitscreen and Online Co-Op, nice to have would be co-op specific puzzles and gameplay elements.   Be sure to check out the full post, and be sure to leave some feedback in our What do YOU want in a Co-Op game thread.  Because what better site to host the co-op Bill of Rights than