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"Big" Fable II Announcement Coming Next Week
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"Big" Fable II Announcement Coming Next Week


Normally, we don't like to tease too much.

Neither us, Sam, but heck, you just couldn't resist, could you?

Fable II developer Lionhead Studios has posted on their dev blog that a "big" announcement is coming next week.

Now, I can't think of anything that would certainly make the fan base happier than a co-op update, if for no other reason than because the fans weren't very pleased about the half-hearted launch effort that became this season's biggest adverse surprise among co-op gamers.

This bit of news comes just in time to remind you of our Fable II Co-Op Night November 13th (Thursday).

Click this link to read more about our November Co-Op Night, and click the "Read More" link to see the rest of what Lionhead's Sam had to say about the announcement.


You know, all this hype being generated by teasing the announcement that there will be an announcement in X-number of days. Who cares? But in this day and age where a gazillion titles are asking for your attention, I felt it might be the right thing to do on the blog. We've got some G o o d [Good] news for all Fable II fans next week, dare I even say it's quite a big announcement? Yes of course I dare say it's a big announcement regarding Fable II, next week!


What kind of tricks do you have up your sleeve, Lionhead? Disappearing Collector's Edition goodies? Co-op mode sawed in half? Pulling patches out of a hat?


Source: Community.lionhead.com