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New Magicka DLC Lets Players Explore Their Evil Side
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New Magicka DLC Lets Players Explore Their Evil Side

Are you sick of playing as a good guy wizard who is constantly  killing his own friends (accidentally)? Why not play as a bad guy vampire and kill everything, including your own Necromancers (sort-of accidentally)? A new Magicka content pack will give you that opportunity. "The Other Side of the Coin" will let you turn your deadly magic upon puny humans, repugnant dwarves, and tree-hugging elves. Bring a friend or three and set the world on fire. Or freeze it. Or whatever. It's your choice.  

You can see evil in action in the video below. Details follow.

• Play as Alucart the Vampire and his henchmen, the Necromancers
• One exciting new story challenge set among beautiful new elven architecture
• 4 new challenge maps playing as necromancers: World's End, Volcano Hideout, OSOTC Arena and the Mirror Crystal Cavern Hideout.
• Necromancer introduced to PvP
• New achivements
• Innovative and dynamic spellcasting system with thousands of possible combinations 
• Up to four player co-op in all game modes as well as single player option
• Experience the parody and satire of a cliché fantasy world

 "The Other Side of the Coin" DLC will be available on June 14th for $4.99.