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Magicka Receives Free DLC, Free Soundtrack Now Available Too
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Magicka Receives Free DLC, Free Soundtrack Now Available Too

Before Magicka receives its first big, and extremely out of left field, DLC in Magicka: Vietnam - the developers thought it'd be nice if they gave back to the community with a little - "my bad."  Because of all the issues the game had at launch, despite being patched almost daily for two weeks, the team at Arrowhead Games have released some free downloadable content called Mea Culpa.

Here's what's included.

1 Staff - "Bugged Staff" - summons a swarm of bugs.
1 Sword - "A broken sword"
1 Robe - "Patched Robe"
1 Magick - "Crash to Desktop - Magick  - zaps any foe (or friend)

We already knew these guys had a sense of humor, but its good to see that they can make fun of themselves as well.  The content is available now and included in the latest patch.

This isn't all the team is giving away today, if you hit up the official Magicka website, you can download the Magicka soundtrack - all 26 tracks - for free.  Sweet!

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