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Looking To Hire Underworld Contractors - Impire Announced By Paradox
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Looking To Hire Underworld Contractors - Impire Announced By Paradox

Cyanide Studios Want You To Build A Dungeon

Get your tools ready because Paradox Interactive has a new co-op experience coming your way early 2013. A new dungeon-lord strategy game by Cyanide Studios has you controlling a power-hungry imp that is looking to gain status in the underworld. Biulding your Impire looks like it is going to take some skill, deceipt, and a whole bunch of labor and thankfully there is plans for campaign co-op. 

It is a little early to know what the gameplay is like or how the co-op will work, but I'm willing to wager that there will be a hint of Dungeon Keeper/Dungeons present in Impire. There hasn't been a ton of information given by Paradox about the game but have said that you will be able to build a dungeon (obviously), customize your weapons and armor, as well as battle heroes that try and come into your domain. You control Bjal-Abaddon (the imp in charge) who is looking to gain rank and become a full-fledged dungeon lord in what seems to be a  mix of action-rpg and strategy.

The game is due for launch in the first quarter of 2013, and will be on PC. No details have been announced for co-op play other than you can play the campaign single player or cooperatively. Multiplayer modes for up to four players have been announced so we're hoping that number may translate into the co-op portion of the game for some awesome dungeon-construction action. 

Source: Joystiq.com