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Resident Evil 6

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Resident Evil 6 Receives a Call of Duty Elite Style, Stat Tracking Website
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Resident Evil 6 Receives a Call of Duty Elite Style, Stat Tracking Website

It seems as though the gaming industry is truly digging the Call of Duty Elite and Diablo 3 Character Profile style of online stat tracking features, taking notice of how the modern world is truly and frequently on the move. Following in Activision’s footsteps, Capcom has recently announced that their upcoming title, Resident Evil 6, will offer its own version of a free, online, stat-tracking service for all players.

The new website will track and store data for your personal play through of the game, as well as give players a number of beefy in-game rewards to top it all off. In Resident Evil 6’s multiplayer mode, stats are compiled and tracked all in real time, recording in-game battle stats, such as fine details of what weapons you use and what enemies you take down. This is only the beginning of what will offer players. And just like Diablo 3’s own version, you’ll be able to see the numbers your friends are generating as well.

Users can click on Facebook and Twitter links to showoff and gloat to your buddies about your gaming prowess, even allowing an option to ping you with a message when your personal records are broken by someone (hopefully this will help stop the bragging cold). When your friends show up online, you’ll immediately be notified from and will able to see exactly what they are up to during their session. In-game alerts can be set-up to be delivered to so you can always be informed.

Apart from your social gaming experience in Resident Evil 6, regular community challenges will award players who participate a “Championship Belt” that will be visible on their stats page (another reason to brag, hard). Rare costumes to equip characters for the online co-op mode, Mercenaries, and collectible figurines are some of the various prizes players can look forward to collecting for their participation. will be absolutely free to any and all players of Resident Evil 6, so we encourage gamers to try the site out and make the most of the content and features provided to you. Be on the lookout for the special smartphone and tablet apps for, which are also currently in the works. is fittingly set to go up right alongside the launch of Resident Evil 6, scheduled for October 2nd of this year.