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Last Chance To Get In On Mercenary Kings Kickstarter
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Last Chance To Get In On Mercenary Kings Kickstarter

As the words hit this page there are 24 hours left to back the Kickstarter for Mercenary Kings. Tribute Games, the studio that brought us the unique Wizorb are winding down their funding for their 4 player local action shooter. If you're a fan of Contra, Gunstar Heroes, or Metal Slug you best be backing up this project because it is looking like an amazing action shooter. 

The team has stressed that there has been a focus on co-op gameplay throughout their design process:

Mercenary Kings will have a strong focus on cooperative play. The initial version of the game will feature local 4 player cooperative play and will be available for PC. However, we are planning on supporting more platforms and online play if resources allow it.

If you followed our directions and played Shoot Many Robots earlier this year, you would know how fun it is to blast enemies away with three of your best friends. Mercenary Kings aims to re-kindle this love for bullets, buddies, and bad-assery. Better yet, the game features both a Gunsmith and a Knife Maker so I'm not too sure what more you could ask for. I'm pretty sure you can even take your custom knife and strap it to your personalized gun...

The rewards for backing the project are pretty standard, with the initial bar of $15 getting you the game. More money nets you more copies of the game, art books, clothing, and if you want to toss in $2000 or more Tribute Games will let you conceive a weapon from your brain that they will put in the game.

If you're interested in supporting the project, head over to the Mercenary Kings Kickstarter page and support an upcoming co-op game.