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Arcade1Up Announces Preorder Date for X-Men Home Arcade Cabinet
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Arcade1Up Announces Preorder Date for X-Men Home Arcade Cabinet

No release date, but at least we know when we can preorder it

Arcade1Up is a company that releases 3/4-scale arcade cabinets for home use. At E3 2021, the company promised a Turtles in Time cabinet for later this year. Today, Arcade1Up also announced a preorder date for a previously announced cabinet: Konami's X-Men. The 4-player arcade cabinet will also include two Avengers games, making it an exciting proposition for Marvel fans.

Arcade1Up's X-Men arcade machine will be the 4-player version of the game rather than the deluxe 6-player version. Given that the last home release of Konami's X-Men, X-Men Arcade for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, supported 6 players, it is slightly disappointing that Arcade1Up chose to only adapt the 4-player version. However, the 6-player version was a very large arcade cabinet that used two monitors for its display, so it's somewhat understandable that Arcade1Up would opt for a more manageable 4-player size.

The X-Men 4-Player Arcade Cabinet will include the following games:

  • X-Men: Konami's classic 1992 beat 'em up based on the 1989 cartoon X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men. Gamers can play as Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Dazzler.
  • Captain America and The Avengers: Data East's 4-player beat 'em up, originally released in 1991 and adapted for home consoles. Players can play as  Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Vision.
  • Avengers in Galactic Storm: An obscure 1-on-1 fighting game released by Data East in 1995. This one used 3D rendered characters in 2D environments and was never released on consoles.

The Arcade1Up X-Men will also support online co-op via Wi-Fi. Incidentally, it will be the first Arcade1Up cabinet to feature games from multiple publishers. Arcade1Up cabinets usually stick to a single publisher's output.

Preorders for the X-Men 4-Player Arcade Cabinet will go live on Arcade1Up's site on July 15. The actual price and release date of the unit have yet to be revealed, though leaks suggest the unit will sell for $599.