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Extra Life - Meet the Co-Optimus Team
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Extra Life - Meet the Co-Optimus Team

This bunch of gamers are gaming to saves lives.

Our Extra Life marathon starts tomorrow morning, and we're pumped. We've met our fundraising goal, planned our day, and we're ready to go. This group of Co-Optimus staff and community members couldn't be more excited. We have one more thing to ask of you before we start tomorrow: please donate! Even though we've met our team goal, the kids still need our donations. We're all very passionate about this charity. We want to help. Here are our team members with excerpts from their pages:

David Thompson

There are many parents out there with children who need help, children who deserve a chance at life and that is exactly what these children’s hospitals provide; a chance for every child to grow up and be the best and healthiest they can be.



James Wyatt

I've got a passion for gaming. I never thought I could help a charity by playing games though, so this is an exciting opportunity. Hospitals have always scared me, even as an adult. To think of my little girls in serious condition inside a hospital gives me chills, despite knowing they'll get the best possible care. If we can come together and play games, earning donations, we can contribute to Extra Life to buy important comforts and benefits for those little guys receiving care all over the nation. This is such an important cause to me.


John McMahon

You opened up your hearts and I can't thank you enough for helping this wonderful cause to treat children suffering.

My efforts are currently at $133.75 and that will go to the National Children's Hospital.

Please continue your efforts to raise awareness and spread the word to other kindhearted people. Every dollar we raise helps take care of a child.


Heath Johnson

My local Children's Miracle Network Hospital treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few




Marc Allie

When my nephew Corbin was just a couple weeks old, he got very sick and had to be taken to Children's Hospital in St. Louis. It was a very scary time for our family, but due to the efforts of the doctors, nurses, and staff at Children's, Corbin had successful open-heart surgery and he has been in great health ever since.


Christopher Metz

Through the years, I've tried to show my love for working with kids in many different ways. I've devoted my time as an annual St. Tikhon's Summer Camp counselor and offered to babysit other people's kids many times over the years (just to name a couple). However, I've never done anything like donating to a worthy cause like this. Through my efforts, and your support, I hope to make a real difference in their lives.


Eric Murphy

Six years ago, my wife and I pushed through the hardest three months of our lives. Our daughter, Payton, was born three and a half months premature. Her birth was scary for all of us. We didn't think she would make it. Lucky for us, we live just 15 minutes from a place where miracles happen. The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah helped us, and most importantly Payton, through this extremely vulnerable time. She spent three months in the NICU, and every day my wife and I drove there to visit her at least once. It was physically, mentally, and emotionally draining.


Visit our Extra Life 2012 page for more information.  I hope you all find it in your hearts to donate. Tomorrow, we game. You're welcome to join us! We will be live-streaming all day with a chat room so everyone can join in on the fun.