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by Christopher Metz 2
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The Behemoth Gives A Quick Rundown of BattleBlock Theater Features, Character Animation Video Included

BattleBlock Theater has been showcased in many different forms over the last couple of years, like at Comic-Con, PAX East, and E3, making its overall development stages somewhat difficult to keep up with without following The Behemoth’s official Developer's Blog or Twitter account. What they’ve been working on including in their title is quite impressive and we want as many people talking about the game as possible. Thankfully, Behemoth has given us a quick rundown of all the features BattleBlock Theater will be offering come release time, and we can’t be more excited for it.

by Nick Puleo 0

Co-Optimus Community Voice August 2011: The Summer Lull

This month's CCV topic revolves around the summer lull. We want to know what you do during these slow months for gaming. Do you catch up on your backlog of games? Replay your favorite titles with friends? Enjoy the outdoors or play more board games? Hit up the user blog section and let us know!

by Katrina Pawlowski 0

CCV Blog Update June, Week 4

It's the week four round-up for the month of June's blog topic: Co-Optimus Community Voice, Photograph My Gaming Rig. For the month of June we've just been asking for your photos, not your lengthy thoughts on the screen. Photos of your gaming rig - big, small, intricate or simple. The two we have this week are from staff members, a sleek PC/console office setup and a comfy couch setting where split-screen is king.

by Katrina Pawlowski 1
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CCV Blog Update June, Week 2

It's true that many gamers love to show off their stuff. Whether you have ten tv's, ten xboxes, and loads of arcades in your house, or a more modest approach with a Television and just a few consoles. I'd go so far as to say size and content doesn't matter as long as you use it. I have known a few tech addicts (you know who you are)who buy things that immediately collect dust. Anyway, our promoted blog of the week is from a staffer who fits in the modest setup category.

by Katrina Pawlowski 1

CCV Blog Update June, Week 1

Aren't picture-posts a lot of fun? This months blog topic calls for just that - photos, mostly. We want you to take pictures of your gaming rig, whether it's a slick PC setup, or an awesome television/console setup you've got going. Minimalists are invited to join in as well, but the CCV blogger of the week is far from it.

by Katrina Pawlowski 1

CCV Blog Update May, Week 2

This months blog topic is challenging you to do what so few gaming websites do - find a balance between playing indoors, or outside while managing to maintain your gaming integrity. Co-optimus Community Voice: Gaming Inside And Out has seen an interesting GPS gaming challenge in the form of a treasure hunt, and now the wonderful world of portable gaming meets JRPG to bring one of our pale companions to the great outdoors.

by Katrina Pawlowski 2

CCV Blogs - April Week 4, an Elite Blogger and a Great Off-Topic

Since this months blog topic seems to have gone AWOL a little early in the month, we've been checking out some other great blogs we've got going. In the name of community, here are the promoted blogs for the final week in April. Keep an eye out tonight or sometime early tomorrow for the Co-Optimus Community Blog topic for May. It's a collaborative effort by myself and Nick, hope you dig the topic.

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