• Online Co-Op: 16 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Reticulate Splines with 16 Friends in the new Sim City
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Reticulate Splines with 16 Friends in the new Sim City

Who needs the real world?

It's been unclear exactly how friends can cooperate in the new Sim City, but we did know there was going to be a strong social aspect to the game.  Now the latest developer diary for the game has revealed a great deal just how cooperative the reboot of the classic series is going to be - and frankly - it's incredibly impressive.

Up to 16 players are able to join a region in Sim City and in each region there are areas to claim to build your own city.  Cities within a region join a network of resources that all effect each other.  In the video we see how one city runs low on power, so a friend's city can focus on building a power infrastructure and it'll automatically sell the extra power to where it's needed.  Don't have enough firemen?  They can be sent in from different cities.  Everything that happens within a region effects the entire region and can benefit it. 

In summary, it looks like EA has nailed a co-op city build sim.  

Sim City is going to be available on the PC in March of 2013.