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Double Fine Happy Action Theater

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Happy Action Theater Delisted, Turns into Kinect Party
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Happy Action Theater Delisted, Turns into Kinect Party

Out with the old, in with the new

It's usually bad news when a downloadable game gets delisted. Even the worst games have their proponents (*cough* Kung Fu Strike). But today I report that Double Fine's Happy Action Theater (which I loved) has been removed from XBLA with no hard feelings or sense of remorse. You see, the recently released Kinect Party (pictured) contains all of HAT's content for exactly the same price. Since the sequel makes the original game basically defunct, I previously speculated that HAT would get delisted or dropped in price. Always bank on my predictions, people!

Happy Action Theater is a collection of motion-controlled minigames and visualizers (called channels) that supports up to six simultaneous players through the magic of Kinect. As our Co-Op Review explains, not all of those activities work well with 6 players, but the game still makes for a delightfully silly diversion at parties.

Kinect Party contains all of the original HAT channels, plus a whole slew of new and more technically impressive ones. Running through a 3D canyon as a block man, jumping around inside a movie theater's popcorn maker, and building towers out of blocks only to then turn into a dragon and tear them down are just a few of the wacky new activities.

Kinect Party is free to all through December 31st. Just grab the full game and the Full Unlock from and you're all set. After the new year, the Full Unlock will cost 800 MS Points, while the new content will ring up as just 400 MS Points for HAT owners. We'll have a Co-Op Review soon!