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Top Indie Games on Steam

Steam and other platforms for the digital distribution of games and software have opened the way for lots of indie developers. Indie is an entirely different genre of entertainment compared to mainstream games. While being technically easy and requiring much less time and effort to make, indie games are often as fun, or even more fun, than major triple-A products.

In this particular context, the term indie means independent, referring to independent developing studios which create such games, on the contrary to large and wealthy companies, such as Bethesda, Ubisoft, or EA. The origin of the indie genre can be traced back to the emergence of the gaming industry itself, but in general, they really became a thing when Steam was launched. Digital distribution allowed independent publishers to save extra money on DVD disks, making it much easier to deliver the game to the consumers.

While fun is a very subjective term, Indie games have at least one undoubtful advantage over AAA games – price. As was mentioned before, indie games do not require much time and effort to make, meaning that independent studios do not spend much money on the creation of these games. Also, independent publishers do not usually spend a fortune on marketing, comparing to big entertainment companies. Hence, the price tag on indie games is times lower comparing to big releases, such as Elder Scrolls or Grand Theft Auto. Gamers can always find cheap steam games on sales at, the platform that provides information about them as well. 




Indie Games with Plenty of Benefits

Another obvious advantage of indie games comparing to AAA products is creative freedom. Big companies heavily depend on the investors and cannot allow their games to turn into a failure, meaning that EA, Bethesda or Rockstar, do not usually bet on innovative gaming concepts. 

At the same time, Indie developers have to attract the audience with new ideas and have to try innovative concepts in their games. These innovations can relate to any aspect of the game: visuals (This War of Mine), the storyline (This is the Police), or atmosphere (Kenshi). Anyways, here are top indie games that you can find on Steam. Each of them is interesting, and every game has something to offer to the gamers.


Top 10 Indie Games:


1. Kenshi,

2. This War of Mine,

3. Papers, Please,

4. This is the Police,

5. Banished,

6. Rimworld,

7. Prison Architect,

8. Oxygen not Included,

9. Bomber Crew,

10. Underrail.


One way or another, indie games have a completely different approach comparing to the AAA products. Unlike the big players of the industry, small developing studios are not afraid to fail, meaning that are not afraid to try something new. By saving on marketing and fancy visual effects, indie games concentrate on the only thing that matters in a game – player experience.

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