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Video Games & Video Slots - Gaming vs Gambling


Video Slots and Games: Influence of Gambling on Gaming

Video slots online or just slots — these terms are familiar to everyone who plays online casinos. However, what about video games? Do they differ from slots? Sometimes gaming and gambling become confusing words for players. Anyway, these two areas are totally different with a tiny bunch of similarities. Video slots are available in online casinos and video games are interactive or role-playing games played on PC or TV. In this article, we are going to explore all the features of both entertainments and find how gambling’s impact the gaming industry. Welcome on board and let’s begin our small investigation!

What Are Video Games & Slots?

Video slots are games presented on online casino sites. The operation of such slots is based on computing programs and electronic control systems as random number generators. As a rule, modern slots have 5 reels, which can contain several dozen symbols. 


The player can make a bet on 1 line by smashing the button or make the maximum bet on all lines. To make the game more exciting and enjoyable, there are wilds, scatters on the reels — these are special symbols that can replace any other symbol, forming a winning line. The greatest attraction for players is the opportunity to win a jackpot, a large prize that is formed with the help of many players’ bets.


Video games are entertainment that uses images generated by electronic equipment. In other words, it is an electronic game based on the interaction of a player and a device through a visual interface such as a TV or computer monitor.


No doubt, video games are part of popular culture. Huge fan communities, universes that are now subject to film adaptation, genre diversity and, to be honest, large financial profits — all this stuff is inherent in the modern gaming industry.

Differences Between Gaming & Gambling

  • Types of Video Slots vs Games

According to games classification, we can admit slots and video games are two absolutely different planets. For example, among slot machines you can find classic fruit slots, roulette, baccarat, poker, 3D slots, scratch card games. And all of them have various numbers of reels to make a bet on. Speaking about video games, they are divided into Real-time strategies, shooters, action, fighting, horror games, etc. Nothing in common.


  • Casino Bonuses

While playing any casino games including video slots, you may receive a lot of benefits like welcome bonuses, weekly and monthly promos, tournament prizes. For instance, according to the 888Casino match bonus and free games, a player can get double a bonus after the first deposit and use such a bonus in any casino slot or other games.

Similarities — How Gambling Influences Gaming

Now we are going to define whether these spheres have something in common or not. 


  • In-game purchases. Sometimes a player buys virtual items in popular online video games and this option is pretty similar to gambling and can pose financial risks to vulnerable players. Such virtual rewards are also known as loot boxes. In most countries like the UK, Australia children make uncontrolled purchases during the game and lose a lot of parents’ money. According to the Australian Environment and Communications Reference Committee study, such in-game rewards lead most players to play casino games soon.

By the way, there is a phrase as skin gambling which means a purchase of a game character’s appearance. If a gamer wants to change or improve the look of the character, he/she has to pay real money. This kind of game shopping is illegal in some countries.

  • Betting On Cybersport. Several online casinos provide gambling service as betting on various types of sports. And cybersport is not an exclusion. This means you can stake on DotA 2, StarCraft tournaments’, or Call Of Duty Championship winners and await your reward if your guess is correct.

  • Video Game Characters In Slots. This is another one similar feature. Sometimes Asian software developers create slots with popular characters from the gaming world. For example, Super Mario has already become the main character in Japanese slots.


Despite being totally different forms of entertainment, video slots and games are influenced by each other. Every sphere has its ups and downs but both remain extremely captivating and enjoyable worldwide.

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