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CCV - My Co-op Crew

This is probably one of the coolest Community voice topics I have seen in awhile and really gives us a chance to share some of the awesome people we have played with, so here goes my list of awesome people I have gamed with on a regular basis.


1. MissLaceyT - My wife and what can I say she is one heck of a gamer when it  comes to Left 4 Dead. She isn't always the damsel in distress... well unless everyone else is down and she is left fighting the Tank, but even then I have seen her pull it together to get us the win. I count myself lucky to have her by my side in almost any co-op situation.

2. Zonf86 (The Hunter) - The man is just a beast at Left 4 Dead, Gears, heck just about any game we played. My  greatest experience with him was in Left 4 Dead versus (I know it's not coop) he would always play the survivor like a hunter and would track down and kill the enemy infected team one after the other. He is always calm, cool, and collected not to mention he brings British charm to the table.

3. Coopbob (The Tank) - Bob is just an awesome guy to play with and me and him pretty much burned through Dead Island together from start to finish when it realeased. He is the guy you want at your back because he is an excellent team player and everytime I have played with him it has been a crazy enjoyable experience that really makes you appreciate the xbox voice communication.

4. NvaderJIm (The Joker) - Jim where to start. Well lets just say in Saints Row 2 his character was a fat guy wearing assless chaps riding a moped.... yea some of my best gaming moments are from that game. I have been in tears a few times in Left 4 Dead playing with Jim and he is the guy you want around to ligthen the mood.

5. Baldy (The Sage) - Noticing a trend here Baldy? Blady is the guy who can bring everyone together and remind everyone that it is just a game and that we should be having fun. I have been through quite a few games with him and he is always like the glue that keeps us together wait... didnt I say that already???

6. BakkenHood (The Ninja/Puzzle Master) - Bakken is a solid player who will have your back no matter what. When things get crazy he will still be right there by your side. When we played Portal 2 co-op he was the one who pretty much helped be finished out that game at 100% so I bow to you good sir as you made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

7. Rift33 (The Soldier) - Rift is probably the nicest guy I know on Xbox and has been a regular co-op partner for about three years. We first meetup during a Left 4 Dead 2 meetup some years ago and is has progressed since then. We have had alot of laughs, shared a bunch of  stories, and oh yes killed countless memember of the horde during of Gears 3 runs.


I know this is a huge amount for my blog, but I have gamed with a bunch of awesome people over many different games. Everyone I have played with has defined what makes the Xbox Live experience enjoyable, heck if it wasn't for Co-optimus I would not have meet so many of you guys and for anyone I missed in my list I apologize.... it is mainly due to the fact I ran out of names to give everyone.

I look forwarded to the bulk of the co-op games this fall because I know the soliders of Co-optimus will be there to lend their aid to my battle.