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PlayStation Vita - Wipeout 2048 Impressions

Wipeout HD was one of the most impressive looking downloadable titles on the PS3. The game’s clean visuals, fast action, and bright colors was the perfect way to show off your 1080p television and PlayStation 3 to your friends. Wipeout 2048 on the Vita shares a lot of these qualities with the game, a game in fact, you can play cross platform racing with.

The core of the game is a series of races, time trials, and battles where you’ll either be competing against opponents or the clock. Each race earns you experience and each action within a race can earn you bonus experience. As you level up you’ll unlock new vehicles and access to more races.

Graphically this is probably the best looking game on the system. The tracks offer a good variety of enviornments from a futuristic looking Brooklyn to some off road type areas. It’s the mix of tech and nature that makes it so appealing. Each track has layers upon layers of objects, bright vibrant colors, and plenty of different shortcuts to take to boost your chances of winning. Best of all everything is silky smooth. Like Wipeout HD, 2048 is the game I’ve been handing to people when showing off the handheld.

As a bonus, the game offers cross platform play with the PS3 version on certain tracks as well as a full online mode. We’ve been having some issues connecting online, but there’s promise of a full campaign in which you compete against real racers to earn experience and unlocks. What’s different is the campaign has you completing objectives and even if you can’t complete the objective, after three times you move onto the next set. The one or two races we managed to get into felt exactly as it should with surprisingly little lag. The game promises to put you into mutliplayer games with friends when possible, though we weren’t able to test it. A fun little feature lets you take your picture before a race to share with racers if you take them down or if you win the race.

Overall Wipeout 2048 should be a system seller. It’s a quick pick up and play style game that lends itself well to a portable, the graphics and sound are top notch, and it’s just downright fun.