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CCV: Are We Ready for Next-Gen Consoles?
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CCV: Are We Ready for Next-Gen Consoles?

Next-Gen is coming, but some say we don't need 'em

The Wii U is on its way, and rumors about Xbox 720 and PS4 continue to crawl out of the woodwork. Everyone is offering guesses as to when Microsoft and Sony will announce their next consoles. Some say we'll hear announcements at E3 and they'll hit the market this holiday season. Others are saying that's way too soon. The next generation of game consoles is inevitable, but when will it arrive?

Perhaps a better question to ask is: are we ready for Next-Gen consoles? The consoles of this generation are definitely showing their age when you compare them to modern gaming PCs. Developers are doing a great job at squeezing every bit of juice out of current consoles, but they're asking for more. We can probably all agree that hardware specs could use an upgrade, but is that enough? This generation has evolved to deliver full downloadable games, a huge variety of media, and advanced motion controls, all with the same base hardware. What new hotness will Next-Gen bring to the table? If it's just better graphics, I won't bite. I'm happy with the graphics of this generation and I'm not willing to throw down $400-500 for better graphics alone.

We want to hear what you think. Fire up your blog, and answer this question: Are we ready for Next-Gen consoles? Feel free to speculate about what features Next-Gen might bring, and when we'll see them. Tell us what you want to see, or what you need to see, before you'll fork over a handful of Benjamins.

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