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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLVIII: Fall Updates
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLVIII: Fall Updates

Content updates for Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, and Everquest II.

As the year churns towards the end of 2014, many existing MMOs continue to release content updates for their players. This issue on MMO Co-Opportunities, we look at the long-awaited content drop for Wildstar, a new playable race for Everquest II, and the resumption of Guild War 2’s living story.

Wildstar’s Third Update Launches this Week
Last month, we looked at the changes that have been and are taking place for Carbine and their MMO Wildstar. Now, the next two promised updates for the game are launching in a huge update tomorrow, November 11th. Entitled the Mystery of Genesis Prime, the update will add a new zone (the Defile) to the game with a bunch of new stuff for players to do, with something for all kinds of playstyles.

The zone has several different regions. The Sonic Plaza will be an entry point to the Defile, and will offer quests, path missions, and lore entries which should all be completable solo. If players head to the Strain Maw and jump into its mouth, they will find more areas to explore, complete with more path content and datacubes. The Tainted Gardens will offer even more quests, this time focused around a particular NPC: Syra, Queen of the Direweb. Yep, that name means spiders are what taints this particular garden.

For players that want to group up in your standard party of five, the Black Focus region is a party-focused area which will pit players up against a new party boss: Koral the Defiler. If players find themselves with around 20 people, however, then they can head to the Lightspire to try their hand at the new 20-player Public Event: Siege of the Lightspire. There they will face Isigrol the Dreadwatcher.

For players who desire an immersive story experience, however, the Mystery of Genesis Prime also has you covered. The update also brings Episode One of the Nexus Saga, a multi-part story designed for a solo experience. It will feature cinematics, branching content, and unique gameplay mechanics.

Everquest II Announces New Player Race
Can you believe that Everquest II is ten years old this month? I certainly can’t. Starting tomorrow, EQ2 players will be able to purchase the new Aerakyn race from the EQ2 Marketplace. They’re a new draconic or demonic race option for players, complete with new aesthetic customization options, a new racial trait, and new racial quests.

Two options are available: the standard Aerakyn and the Noble Aerakyn. The standard Aerakyn will be available for 2000SC (or $20 with the $5 for 500SC exchange rate) while the Noble Aerakyn will be 4200SC (a pricey $42 with the same exchange rate). Both versions will have access to the Aerakyn racial trait (Pyrebreath Bulwark, an elemental cure and ward), wing attack animations when they are unarmed, and a special aesthetic wing progression with milestones at level 1, 30, 60, and 85. The biggest thing that sets the Noble Aerkyn apart is their access to wing mounts. At level 1, they receive a run speed increase, while at levels 30, 60, and 85 they will be able to use their wings for leaping, gliding, then flying respectively. Noble Aerkyn will also be able to use their wings in attack animations while they are using weapons, starting at level 1.

Guild Wars 2 Season 2 Resumes
Season 2 of the Guild Wars 2 Living Story resumed a bit earlier this month with Episode 5: Echoes of the Past. It continues to focus on players preparing for war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth. This time, players will travel to a new area in the Maguuma Wastes called the Silverwastes. There they will be fighting Mordrem hordes which will reward them with Bandit Crests. These crests can be traded into Pact vendors for Sinister Gear recipes, crafting materials, and pieces of the new Carapace Armor Set.


The Carapace Armor Set is being introduced in Episode 5. Now, each episode will provide players with the opportunity to collect a piece of this set. In turn, the Carapace set can be upgraded to the Luminescent set (though players will have to discover how to do this).

So those are the updates we looked at this month. Are any of you looking forward to playing these updates, or other updates on the horizon for your MMO of choice?