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Co-Op Gaming to Help the Blind
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Co-Op Gaming to Help the Blind

Video games are for the most part a 4 sense experience - touching, feeling, hearing, and seeing.  But not all gamers are so lucky to experience everything a game has to offer, and perhaps the most difficult for those handicapped are the blind.  Without the ability to see they must rely on their other senses to get through the game's they love so much.

But there are times when even that's not enough, because lets face it, most games are designed with handicapped accessibility in mind.  But one blind gamer put out a plea to the Zelda community, he was determined to finish The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  Three gamers stepped up and became his eyes in this amazing story from CNN.

Thanks Mrxknown_JG for the tip!

Source: Edition.cnn.com