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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLIX: Game Changers
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLIX: Game Changers

Game-changing updates to EVE Online and Elder Scrolls Online inbound

As we wrap up 2014, major updates to pre-existing MMOs continue to be the name of the game. It’s been the fall and winter of updates so far. For this issue of MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be looking at some game-changing updates coming to EVE Online and Elder Scrolls Online.

EVE Online Rhea Update to Launch This Week
EVE may be over a decade old, but it still boasts a robust, dedicated community. On December 9th, the Rhea Update will launch for the game, which will add to or change numerous aspects of the game. A huge amount of content is being added to the game. One hundred new wormhole systems will be added, including an enormous wormhole system named Thera. A new ship called the Confessor (the first of four Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers) and a new freighter (the ORE freighter) are being introduced. Experienced players will be happy to know that new, high-end exploration sites are being added. These Sleeper Cache exploration sites can yield new polarized weapons that have some hefty benefits, but also reduce resists to 0.

On the graphics side of things, in the Rhea update almost all of the ships are being switched over to a new rendering system called “Physically Based Rendering,” or PBR. This will make the lighting on ships look much more realistic. Future updates will continue to apply PBR to other parts of the game. Asteroid belts will also be getting visual effects updates. Concerning the interface, the UI for EVE is getting an overhaul, the star map has been redone (an opt-in beta feature in Rhea), and WASD will now be offered as a control system for ship control (also an opt-in beta feature).

The list of features goes on, so if you’re interested in learning more, you can read all the details on EVE’s community site.

Update 6 Coming in January to Elder Scrolls Online
The two major focuses of ESO’s Update 6 are the Champion System and the Justice System. The Champion System incorporates post-level 50 character progression and Update 6 includes phase 3 of the system. In Update 6, players will be able to spend points in Champion Passives. Unsurprisingly, there will also be balance changes to abilities that directly interface with the new Champion Passives.


The Justice System is being introduced via phases (just like the Champion System), so phase 1 is being released with Update 6. Phase 1 of the Justice System will include some more Skyrim-style PVE elements, such as the ability to steal items, pickpocket NPCs, and even murder NPCs. Just like in other Elder Scrolls games, though, if players indulge in these options, they will have to be ready to face the consequences.

Zenimax has also confirmed that ESO for consoles is progressing. Some polishing still needs to be done before a release date is announced, and Zenimax also wants to ensure that both the complete Justice System and Champion System are included in the console version.

That about wraps up this last installment of MMOCO for 2014. What, if any, MMOs are you guys excited about getting some time in during this holiday season?