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Co-op News from the Sony Press Conference
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Co-op News from the Sony Press Conference

Well, they didn't really hone in on co-op, but they did show off a couple things.

First up was the 8-player co-op campaign enabled Resistance 2 coming in November.  They didn't show the co-op or talk about it, but we know it's there.

The other game was a new one called MAG: Massive Action Game from Zipper Interactive, makers of the old SOCOM games.  This game will have 256 players able to play at the same time and you play with a squad of 8 members and the more respected members will be the leader of that squad.  Only a pre-rendered movie was shown ala Killzone 2 a few years ago.  It sounds pretty cool and Jack Tretton, President of Sony America, said that it "pushes the PS3 to its limit".  Translation: this is a long way from being done.