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Guitar Hero: World Tour

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Co-Op Couples: Rocking Out, Part Two
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Co-Op Couples: Rocking Out, Part Two

"Hold, up, baby...lemme get this navel lint real quick..."

Sick of E3? Sick of politics and the media frenzy? Sick of fanboys, Red Ring of Death, and annual retail upgrades of your favorite hardware?

Smile and be glad you're not me: I am so sick and tired of frickin' Rascal Flatts.

Yes, you in the back: question? Say what? Oh. (He says he was sick of Rascal Flatts after one viewing of Pixar's Cars.) Good for you, sir. I live in Texas, remember? Texans have an obligation to put up with country singers for at least three albums; after that, we send them back to Tenessee.

In the meantime, "Me And My Gang" from the Guitar Hero World Tour Store very nearly has me smashing my ridiculously expensive plastic guitar through my compareably less expensive and more worthwhile HD TV. (It's amazing how a $59.99 guitar peripheral and a $1.99 download can make you scoff at the window stickers in a Lexus parking lot. "We can afford this if we want long as we don't have to get that Guitar Hero drum set.")

You'll notice that my Gamertag history lists Guitar Hero World Tour pretty far down the line. It's not because I don't like the's not because I don't have the time,'s not for lack of my wife begging me to play. It's because every time I add a Credence Clearwater Revival song to the setlist, my wife pleads for that stupid Rascal Flatts song. Never mind that the rest of the setlist is compiled of favorites à la femme from Blondie, Pat Benetar, and Brooks & Dunn's "Hillbilly Deluxe", a tune that got old after the second hounddog howl in the intro...

Now, I'll admit that the bass line is a lot of fun. I'd go so far as to say that the country-western vibe is pretty groovy, every once in a while. But when I have to pad every setlist with a song that I downloaded out of pure morbid curiosity, I miss notes on purpose so that the annoying wuhnk-unk-wonk noise drowns out Gary LeVox's double-dubbed falsetto. Ugh.