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Life is Strange when You Play These Five Games Together

Adventure Games to Play in Co-Op...That Aren't Co-Op

Let's face it, not every game was made for co-op play. Sometimes the nature of a game just doesn't work well with two or more people at the controls at the same time. But that's not to say there aren't single player games that can't be enjoyed together, in fact, we've found one genre out there that a lot of couples and friends tend to really like to play in pass the controller style co-op - Adventure Games.

by Marc Allie 12
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How my wife transformed into a battle-crazed soldier

Co-Op Couples: From "Dear" to Gear

As I walked to the living room, and called for my faithful ten-year old sidekick to fire up the 360, it occurred to me that a friend had left his copy of Gears of War 3 at our house. I walked back to the kitchen, where super-Mom was dutifully preparing dinner. Grabbing her hand, I put a controller in it, and invited her to join us in some Horde mode. She protested a bit, but I insisted.

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