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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CI: Brawlers, Altars, and Painters
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CI: Brawlers, Altars, and Painters

Summer updates for TERA, Black Desert Online, and Aion

For this month’s edition of MMO Co-Opportunities, we take a look at updates for a handful of MMOs that originated in South Korea: TERA, Black Desert Online, and Aion.

Fists of Velika Update Now Live for TERA on Consoles
Last week, the “Fists of Velika” update landed on TERA’s PS4 and Xbox One servers, bringing with it the human male brawler and a brand new fishing system. Fishing was introduced on PC in the “BAF Monsters” update last December, whereas the male brawler was incorporated into the PC version of TERA in March 2018 with the “Counterpunch” update.

“Fists of Velika” also brings the annual Summer Festival to console. During the Summer Festival, players can participate in events to collect Tokens, which can be redeemed at specific NPCs for various rewards.

Altar of Blood Event Coming to Black Desert Online on July 10th
Starting on July 10th, Black Desert Online players can participate in a new “Altar of Blood” activity. In this PVE-focused task, parties consisting of three 56+ level players will fend off enemies in a traditional horde survival game. Each round culminates in a boss, which (if defeated) will reward players with a new currency (“Forgotten One’s Legacy”) and unlock the next round of more difficult play. A maximum of ten rounds are available, with players having the chance to get armor boxes, Caphras Stones, and Advice of Valks.

Aion v.7.0 Due Out July 24th
Aion 7.0 is coming in July, complete with two new instances, a new class specialization, and many game improvements. The two new instances are the Dumaha Region and the Stella Development Laboratory while the new specialization is the Painter specialization for the Artist class. Not many details have been revealed outside of that yet, but more news is promised as the big update gets closer.

That wraps it up for this month! Stay cool out there in the blazing hot sun.