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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CII: Console Versions and Kael
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CII: Console Versions and Kael

New console versions of Black Desert Online and DCUO and an update for EQ2

Summer’s beginning to wind down and the school year is starting up again. For this issue of MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be highlighting new console versions of Black Desert Online and DC Universe Online as well as an upcoming update to EverQuest II. Let’s dive in.

Black Desert Online Releasing on PS4 on August 22nd
Open beta for BDO ends tomorrow, August 13th, with the official release for the game on PS4 being August 22nd. If you hurry and download the Open Beta client before the event ends, you will get the exclusive Sky Hawk pet on the game’s release. This pet loots items, increases Knowledge Find Chances, and helps you find rare monsters.

BDO on PS4 has three different versions that players can pre-purchase: Standard ($29.99), Deluxe ($49.99), and Ultimate ($99.99). Each have their own set of special in-game items with the Deluxe and Ultimate editions giving players a 48-hour head-start on the game’s launch. Playstation Plus members get 10% off preordering any edition.

EQ2’s Carnage in Kael Update Coming August 27th
Carnage of Kael (a.k.a. Update 111) will be releasing on August 27th on EverQuest II’s servers. The update introduces a new Fabled Zone (Fabled Kael Drakkel), an increased mount level cap (up to level 20), and Familiars Season Six (30 new familiars). The annual Days of Summer event will also be kicking off sometime soon. This event introduces a quest series which, when completed, allow players to purchase special event items from the NPC Yun Zi on Spire Island.

DC Universe Online Out Now on Switch
Last week, DC Universe Online made its way to the Nintendo Switch. While DCUO had a bit of a rough launch on the PC back in 2011, it seems to have enjoyed a good amount of success on PS4 and Xbox One. My guess is that the game will appear to a lot of the Switch crowd, and Daybreak Games seems to feel the same way, since they’ve put a lot of effort into quality-of-life improvements for the new switch version. These improvements include an overhauled tutorial, new augment and artifact systems, and updated character models. Switch players will also be playing on a separate server from other players. DCUO is available now in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

That wraps it up for this month! Hope you all are enjoying the final days of summer.