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Updates for SWTOR and DCUO, Legendary Servers for LOTRO

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIII: Jedi, Atlantis, and Legendary Servers

The cold and often rainy days of November are perfect for sitting inside, sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee, and getting in some quality gaming time. For this month of November, we have content updates for SWTOR and DC Universe Online and a new way to play LOTRO. Jedi Under Siege Announced for December Bioware recently announced that the 5...

by Marc Allie 4
Grab your cape and mask to save the world (and a buck or two)

MMO Co-Opportunities Vol. XVIV: DC Universe Online Goes Free to Play

This month here at Co-Optimus, several of the regular feature writers are swapping columns for the month. Normally, Tally, our resident MMO expert, brings you the latest on all the shiniest new massively multiplayer online games in this column. This month, you are stuck with me and my ten-year old son, as we explore the newly free-to-play superhero (or supervillain) quest fest DC Universe Online.

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