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Knights of the Round

  • Couch Co-Op: 3 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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The best part of Knights of the Round is the innovative level up system.  Points were treated like experience in an RPG, and when certain thresholds were crossed, Arthur, Lancelot, and Perceval leveled up.  I'm not sure if there was much of a difference in stats at all when leveling up, since the enemies became more difficult as well.  The real reward for leveling is the visible upgrades in the characters' armor!


Arthur, for example, begins the game in chainmail pants and a leather tunic.  Every other level or so, more impressive armor is added.  First, light plate armor, then, more sturdy armor, and a broader sword.  Arthur's final upgrade gives him a wicked, thick, curved blade, heavy, golden plate armor, and even a regal cape.  Lancelot and Perceval gain similar upgrades, though they aren't quite as impressive as Arthur's (naturally; he is the King after all. spoiler alert).  In a funny twist, Perceval's appearance totally changes with his last upgrade.  His long blond bangs and clean shaven face turn to a bald head and brown beard.  But it's okay, because he also gains enormous spikes on his shoulder armor.

The boss battles aren't particularly memorable.  The typical pattern consists of an enormous weapon swing radius, plus several moves that counter any attacks.  Fairness and an even difficulty weren't exactly the order of the day for early 90s brawlers, and Knights of the Round is no exception.  The bosses health bars are ridiculous, culminating in the final boss, with a double health bar as wide as the screen.  Thankfully, the expected area attack move is present, though it will cost your knight a portion of his health.


Knights of the Round is a very solid co-op title.  It was ported to the Super Nintendo and was also released in a few recent compliations for the PS2, PSP, and Xbox.  Brawlers are a lot of fun to begin with, but when you add in memorable characters, a good combat system, and well detailed graphics, there's a lot to keep you playing Knights of the Round.  Especially when there might be an armor upgrade in just one more level... 


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