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The Co-op Terminology Guide
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The Co-op Terminology Guide

Now that the holidays are over, you've probably received a few games in your stocking, under a tree, in a festive bush, or by some other miracle. If you've received one of many great co-op titles from this past year, you may have some questions about what kind of co-op you have in your hands or who you can play with. That's what the Co-Optimus database of cooperative games is for - to tell you exactly what kind of co-op experience you can expect from your game. But to some the terminology may be confusing, different, or foreign. That's where this guide comes in. We always get questions about the terminology associated with co-op games. This is the Co-Optimus.com's definitive guide to co-op terminology, with examples of games supporting these particular co-op features.

But first, how does Co-Optimus define co-op gaming? Many people have different perceptions and ideas of what co-op is to them, and honestly, that's perfectly fine. But here is ours:

"A co-op game is a game where two or more players work together to accomplish a goal against AI opponents. Ideally the game will feature a strong story in which both players take part of. Co-Op can be online over the internet, offline on the same console, or via a LAN or Wireless Network. We do not consider team based games as co-op where players face off against another team of human players."

Let's take a look at the rest of the terminology.