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As far as the co-op is concerned, Cybertron Adventures is best summed up as “meh”.  Player 2 can drop in and out at any time, and controls a set of crosshairs, that’s it.  Normally, this is quite frustrating, but since Player 1 doesn’t really have any control over the action either (except for ducking in and out of cover), the co-op doesn’t feel quite as lame as that of, say, the Wii Call of Duty series.  During the driving and flying sections, Player 1 controls the movement of the Transformer, and Player 2 fires the weapons.  This felt odd, and took some getting used to, but I suppose it does add a level of teamwork that otherwise is lacking.

I can’t really say that my time spent playing Transformers Cybertron Adventures was pointless, or a waste of time.  However, this is primarily due to two factors: I am a big fan of the giant robots, and I didn’t buy the game at full retail price.  Those with more sophisticated tastes should look to War for Cybertron instead, as there’s not much more here than meets the eye.  I could see the very young, or more casual gamers enjoying the game, too, since it is fairly forgiving and very simple to control.  For these folks, Transformers Cybertron Adventures is definitely worth a rental.


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