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September Co-Optimus Community Voice: The Perfect Game...For Me.
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September Co-Optimus Community Voice: The Perfect Game...For Me.

Face it, there are a million games on the market with many different genres and variations of gameplay elements available. There are also a million different gamers with a million different opinions on what to play and what makes a perfect game. Because of these opinions, there really is no such thing as the one perfectly flawless game across the board.

For September’s Co-optimus Community Voice, we want to know what the most perfect game ever made is in your opinion - and why. Post your article in our Blogs section, with the title "CCV The Perfect Game...For Me: game title." Make sure you write this as a full blog, not as a forum post. You’ll need to name your game and provide a compelling argument to convince us that it is the perfect game. Also, don’t forget to tag it “Co-optimus community voice” and whatever other helpful tags apply.

The Co-optimus staff will then select blogs based on content, spelling, and formatting (add pictures to help us get a visual idea of what you’re playing) to be featured on the front page, for all the world (and RSS Feeds) to read. Extra points for co-op, but any game is eligible to be considered for the front page.

Here’s an approximate example of what makes up a CCV blog, but be your own creative writer!

Co-optimus Community Voice is here! Each month we’ll have a gaming topic for you to write about, co-op specific or not, to keep you gaming, thinking, and writing as a community. We want to see what you’ve got. Selected CCV blogs will be posted on the front page Saturdays and Sundays for the duration of the month. The entire Co-optimus staff has the right to decide which blogs do or don’t make the front page cut, so make it good!