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On the Download Episode 18: DLC Perks In Stuff
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On the Download Episode 18: DLC Perks In Stuff

If there is any way to reach out to a gamer, it’s to merchandise their favorite things. Halo figurines, Dragon Age books, Resident Evil snacks/energy drinks (claiming to be T-virus antidote), etc. The list is fairly extensive - and can add up costs quickly for gamers. How about the option of adding in-game content to various things we’d probably buy anyway? A new weapon in a book, perhaps? A map pack with a tee-shirt?

On the Download this week addresses that very option. Recently I picked up a Fable book, offering a side story about a Balvarine Order of knights. Pretty cool stuff to a fan of the Fable world (especially when they get their co-op right this time). The kicker to the purchase, though, is a unique weapon code for Fable III that came on a card placed in the book. Not necessarily a “shop at this franchise store to get cool stuff” card, but something that rewards people for reading into the lore - literally.

I’ve heard of things coming with extra DLC before, but this is the first time I’ve seen it for myself. Been rewarded for my efforts so to speak. I plan on thoroughly enjoying my paperback book by Peter David, as well as the perk DLC that came with it. What other things can you think of that need some kind of DLC associated? Toys maybe? I’d really appreciate the art of finding a specific Spartan Halo figure and being able to download that costume in Reach.

Putting codes on stuff also limits the amount of restrictions on the code. It’s not a pre-order exclusive, nor a store-specific (though, if you’re looking for Halo figures at the grocery store you may need to rethink things) limitation. This means during the life-span of the figure, book, tee-shirt, or other memorabilia, that DLC is perfectly available for anyone who chooses to buy the stuff that they’d probably buy anyway.

Seriously, I have so much game “stuff” in my house it’s somewhat ridiculous - I could have made an entire game with all the potential DLC I might be missing out on. Also, vanity with costumes in-game is fun.