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New York Comic-Con 2010 - Figures and Statues Gallery
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New York Comic-Con 2010 - Figures and Statues Gallery

This past weekend the New York Comic-Con took place in NYC at the Javitz Convention Center.  If you've never been to a comic convention, one of the highlights are the myriad of figures and statues on display for various comics, cartoons, movies and video games.  

As I walked around the show floor I was saddened to think I simply didn't have enough money to buy all of the figures and statues I wanted.  Several stood out at me, including the above Batman vs. Joker statue.  I finally settled on my purchase - a Thundercats Lion-o minature statue.  

There were a few surprises though - Square-Enix is launching a huge lineup of videogame releated figures for a variety of games - not just Square-Enix published titles.  They had Metal Gear Solid, Halo Reach, and Assassin's Creed figures all on display.  

All in all it was a great show with some amazing items to look at.  Enjoy this gallery of figures and statues and check back soon for more galleries from the show floor!